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InfopolisERP resource allocation options

Shared server

To start working with InfopolisERP-SB, a small company can use the option of placing the system core on the developer’s cloud resource, where all the necessary software is already installed, and a certain amount of databases is available from our other customers. Such a construction allows to save on renting a cloud resource, dividing the costs by many customers. In fact, the client pays only a monthly license for the use of InfopolisERP-SB and almost does not spend anything on renting a cloud resource.

Each client has full access to its own database but does not have access to the databases of other clients and to the resources of the virtual Windows Server.

Common server

Separate virtual server

At the request of the client, his database can be transferred to a separate cloud virtual server, where we will supply all the necessary software. A client can independently control security issues, regulate a powerful resource and its rental costs, use Windows Server resources according to their needs.

The cost of a license to use InfopolisERP-SB remains the same as for the option to allocate the core on a shared server.

Personal server

Private server

For customers who have large databases and want the ability to support their own hardware and software resources, the core of the system can be transferred to its own server. In this case, the client is independently responsible for the operation of the server. The developer can provide only the InfopolisERP core technical support service.

At a time, the client can purchase a full permanent license to use the system.

If the client has their own team of qualified administrators and programmers, they may even not use the technical support of the developer and independently improve their accounting system by changing existing algorithms and creating new blocks and modules. However, the developer is not responsible for the quality of the system.

Privat server